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The Beauty Makeup Certificate Course

This is an online makeup course designed for those wishing to learn for themselves or to start their career and learn professional beauty makeup skills from the comfort of their home. It is taught by highly experienced British makeup artists who share their professional experience with you, covering all the fundamentals and techniques you need to kick start your career.


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The Online Makeup School You Can Trust …

Full HD Video Tutorials.

Concentration Quizzes.

Hands-on Make-up Assessments.

International Makeup Qualification

Make-up Instructor's Review & Support.

London College of Makeup

is the ONLY online makeup academy with Courses that mirror the on-campus experience …

  • Start Your Journey and Build your skills in makeup artistry today!
  • Theory and practical assignments that prepare you for real clients.
  • Progress through the course in the designated step sequence.
  • More than 50 Full HD Video tutorials.
  • 20 Hours of Study.
  • 24/7 Access available
  • Interactive Lessons


Upon graduating & completing your lessons you will receive your International Beauty Makeup Certificate from London College of Make-up.

Download your Authentic Certificate online.

You will be able to download your qualification online straight away once you graduate and complete your lessons.

Print it out - if required.

The graduate students can print their certificate and present it to their employer for interview or any hiring bodies.

Use the Certificate Verifier by scanning the QR Code.

– QR Code certificates are dynamically generated by the LCM system containing students’ scores and details. With QR Codes, you can identify whether the certificate is authentic or not.

– Anyone who wishes to check authenticity can easily scan the QR Code and view details on the London College of Make-up official database site (and match these details with the printed details on the certificate).

Certificate Attestation is available upon request

Do you want to attest your Certificate or have a hard copy from the College? Not a problem, simply contact us.

Course Outline

Course Content

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The Face
The Eyes & Lips
The Day Make-up Look
The Smokey Make-up Look
The Eyeliner Look

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you learn to be a Makeup Artist Online?

Absolutely! As a student of our online program, you’ll receive all the education you need to improve your makeup artistry skills and start your career. With hands-on makeup training, you’ll work on assignments from your home where you get to practice your skills in real-life scenarios that will then be assessed by your instuctor.
As a student of LCM.online, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of online makeup classes because they’ll fit within your own schedule! Just because you’re learning from home it doesn’t mean you’re learning alone.
You’ll work with a professional makeup artist who will guide you and review your work, so you’ll receive the same feedback as you would when attending in a classroom-based setting.
LCM Student Support Team are also available to answer your questions before, during, and after your online makeup course!

How long will it take to complete my online makeup classes?

That’s the best part, You work at your own pace !
We put our own estimate of how long it usually takes to complete such courses, however you decide how much time per week you want to spend developing your skills. With London college of makeup’s flexible online makeup training, you have (1) year to complete your course assignments.
Typically, students who study for 3 hours each week will complete their online makeup course within 2-3 months.

What is the Course requirements?

  • No previous experience required.
  • A good Level of English is required.
  • You must have your own set of professional make-up brushes, cosmetics and Tool Kit.
  • You must be able to demonstrate and provide us with photographic evidence of your practice on yourself or on a friend/model.
  • The minimum age for entry to this course is 18 years– no exceptions.
  • There is no upper age limit.

What level of makeup artistry do I need to enroll ? Do I need to have makeup experience?

You don’t need any previous experience in makeup to sign up. These classes start from the basics, teaching you fundamental techniques and knowledge you need to move onto more advanced skills.

Who are the professional makeup artists who will guide you through your course ?

London College of Makeup has carefully chosen expert British makeup artists to work with students. You’ll be paired with an industry professional who will help you become a professional makeup artist. Your teacher will give you personalized feedback on all of your assignments, helping you improve your makeup artistry skills.

Find out more on the About Page!

How is learning makeup from LCM online makeup courses different than watching YouTube or Instagram videos?

Social Media’s community is a huge creative hub for makeup lovers and others. It’s a good place to dip your toes into the world of makeup But it’s not the best place to learn makeup professionally.

With thousands of makeup tutorials on social media, there’s no doubt that you can learn a few useful makeup tips and tricks.
When you’re following social media makeup tutorials , you won’t receive a comprehensive education necessary to call yourself a professionally trained makeup artist.

That’s because the social media’s beauty gurus aren’t on the platform to be educators! They are rather called influencers who focus on sponsored products and advertising as well as how many followers they can get. Their makeup looks translate well on camera but don’t hold up in real life. They offer little substance when it comes to actually teaching professional techniques. What social media will do is help you develop bad habits!

For example, you may have seen some tutorials where the influencer uses her mouth to blow powder off her brush. This is very unhygienic! Bacteria or viruses will then get passed on to the skin of the client, leading to acne, possibly an eye infection or an ilness! Hygiene is an essential part of being a professional makeup artist. But influencers are more concerned about attracting viewers and making their videos look interesting visually, they don’t have enough time to cover everything, and therefore very often crucial information is missed that their audience will never get to know about.

When you’re following social media makeup tutorials, you won’t receive expert feedback from a professional make-up instuctor who is working in the industry. Without any personal guidance, it’s difficult to tell if you’re on the right track.

Here’s what else social media won’t teach you:
1- Makeup theory
2- Basic application techniques
3- How to adapt a look for a diverse clientele.
4- Safety and hygiene.
5- Tests and practical assignments.
6- Providing you with helpful feedback and personal guidance, to tell you’re on the right track.
7- There’s one other thing you need to succeed: encouragement!

Are there any discounts available for students and graduates to enroll on online courses?

Yes! LCM’s in-house students and graduates are eligible for 20% off any online courses (not in conjuction with other offers). This discount will be generated as a coupon code when you enroll in more than one course with us. If you’re already enrolled and you’d like to join a new course, simply contact LCM admin team to receive your discount code!

Will I be able to work for makeup brands?

With our professional makeup certifications, you can show potential employers which online course you successfully completed with London college of make-up online. Your certification demonstrates that you acquired comprehensive training to be able to work as a makeup artist.

But remember! it is also about experience. When it comes to applying for makeup jobs, you’ll need to develop your portfolio to show employers your skills. You must keep practicing and working with clients until you have a portfolio ready with photographic evidence to showcase on your job interview.

Will I receive makeup discounts on products as a student or graduate?

Yes! Many cosmetic brands offer professional discounts. All you need to do is provide them with a proof of your qualification to receive your makeup discounts! The brands and discounts vary depending on your region. Please check with cosmetic brands in your country of residence.


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