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Hi … Welcome to the London College Of Make-upOnline courses” !

In this Course I am going to teach you everything you need for the Bridal makeup business.
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The Unit consists of instructional Full HD videos.
Every Unit starts with one or more videos in which we discuss and demonstrate each part of the make-up application for this Bridal Make-up Course.
Kindly note that it is required from students to progress through the online makeup course in the correct sequence of  lessons or unites and you would not be able to move freely through the course unless each Unites has been marked as “completed”.

To improve learning retention, we strongly advise you to write your own notes as a reading material for your review. Sometimes, we also explore topics more broadly in the text.
To complete the course, you must take a quick quiz and complete an assignment.
The assignment is a ‘Make-up application’. Here, we really focus on putting your knowledge into practice. You’ll find this assignment at the end of each practical Make-up look.
We will check your assignment once you upload it, then provide you with feedback and the result of whether your assignment has passed or if you need to redo it.

If you successfully finish the whole course, you’ll receive The Bridal Make-up Certificate from London College of Make-up.

This will then be available for you to download onto your computer with the unique QR Code for the certificate’s authentication purpose.

Good luck & let’s get Started !

LCM Team.